July 9, 2020

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Best Final Fantasy Games

Final Fantasy is a Japanese fantasy role-playing series. This legendary role-playing game has been released continuously for 30 plus years. With this large time frame, a large number of Final Fantasy titles have been released. Some of them are better than others. If you’re looking for the best Final Fantasy games to play here are some of the superior titles.

Final Fantasy 6

Many players agree that Final Fantasy 6 is the greatest if not perfect Final Fantasy title. It achieves exactly what Final Fantasy was meant to be. This title was the last 16-bit title, with a great cast consisting of over a dozen characters. Final Fantasy 6 began to change itself into a steampunk fantasy title. Traditional fantasy began to shift into modern scientific advances through a steampunk style. The game contains a compelling cast, with each one having their specific quirks. Final Fantasy 6 juggles a large cast, yet makes each character memorable. The story and combat systems were some of the best Square Enix have ever created. Final Fantasy 6 is truly a near-perfect experience.

Final Fantasy 12

This 2006 PS2 classic has been remastered for the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Like Final Fantasy 6, the characters are memorable and interesting. The environment is thorough and expansive. Final Fantasy 12 was controversial in the sense that it began to merge the single-player experience with computer played characters. Over time this has become the norm with NPCs and assisting characters. Final Fantasy has cemented itself as an open-world adventure that shouldn’t be forgotten. New titles have struggled to find a balance between the open-world and role-playing. With a rich storyline, Final Fantasy 12 accomplishes both.

Final Fantasy 8

Final Fantasy had a change in gameplay that was pretty drastic. The battle wheel was changed entirely. Summoning had a bigger role in Final Fantasy 8, changing the direction that the Final Fantasy series hoped to achieve. While the changes were drastic they worked surprisingly well, it was interesting and different. Player’s had a greater ability to choose their experience and their choices. The graphics in Final Fantasy 8 were also a step up from Final Fantasy 7, with refined 3D models. In 2019, Final Fantasy 8 received a remaster, allowing you to experience this masterpiece once again.

Final Fantasy has been adored by players for the last two decades, with a strong story, immersive graphics, and compelling characters, Final Fantasy is a series not to be forgotten.