July 9, 2020

Players Initiative

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Call of Duty and Battlefield are some of the most popular FPS games on the market. With their legendary histories and enriching storylines, players of multiple generations have indulged in both games. Throughout the era of FPS shooters, these two giants have been argued for and against for many years. These two widely popular shooters have had a feud between their fan bases for an extensive amount of time. With the coming of new consoles and essentially new titles for both game in the upcoming months, here are some of the most distinguished features of these two FPS titans 



Graphics are an important factor in any game, having great graphics can increase the immersive aspect of the game and put show the player a more realistic perspective. In terms of graphics, with today’s technology both have great graphics in their own right. The most current Battlefield, Battlefield V, is a bit more graphically intensive than Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Still, in the campaign Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is still very immersive and stunning looking with other factors such as ambient lighting, and shading. Both games can look extremely stunning with the use of 4k graphics on a PC.



Many have stated that Battlefield V remains unpolished in its gunplay. Call of Duty has usually had better guns in the game. With better hit registration and smoother animations. Furthermore, instead of the open landscape type maps in Battlefield V, the maps in Call of Duty are generally more memorable and aesthetic, with ambient noises and other small details, Call of Duty is better gameplay-wise. In the single-player mode, Call of Duty has always been very memorable, it tackles certain issues within our society and mimics them. It talks about controversial topics and puts us into the shoes of the character. The deaths of characters are also nothing to scoff at, in many titles a character that has been built up for a while can be killed off, leaving the player disheartened. The campaign tells an immersive story that is unforgettable, making Call of Duty the better choice.



While Battlefield and Call Of Duty have both respectively made good and bad games, they both have left a legacy. Call of Duty is currently returning to its roots with Modern Warfare, bringing a great story along with it. Battlefield comes at you with objectives, equipment, planes, tanks and other entities to give you a real warm feeling. Both games excel in their respective cases but both will leave a legacy that will not be forgotten.