July 9, 2020

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Tips & Tricks for Gears of War

Many players love the Gears of War Franchise, yet are stuck in multiplayer when they are unable to propel their team to victory. Like many multiplayer games, practice makes perfect. Here are some multiplayer tips and tricks to help you boost your play in Gears of War.

Being Flexible with Weapons

There are three main weapons that you will start with, a lancer rifle, a gnasher shotgun, a grenade of your choice, and a snub pistol. Knowing how each weapon works and when to use them is important to win. Using a lancer rifle at long ranges is more beneficial than at short ranges. In short-range situations using your gnasher is more effective and can kill an opponent easily. Furthermore, you shouldn’t neglect your pistol as it may come in handy when you run out of ammo from your main weapon. Pulling the pistol out before your opponent can react may help you win the gunfight.

Active Reload

Active Reload is a mechanic implemented into Gears of War 5 that benefits those who get a perfect reload. After you achieve a perfect reload you gain a short damage increase. This is useful as it will help you catch opponents off guard. They may think they can kill you, but with Active Reload it could change the pace of the gunfight and leave them stunned.

Marking Enemies

Like in many other FPS titles, you can mark or spot enemy players. This will notify the other players on your team of the opponent’s location. Without the use of a mini-map on the HUD having a notification of an opponent’s enemy is crucial and can change the tide of battle. To mark, you must aim down on your sights and wait until the reticle turns red. Once this has occurred you can click the left thumbstick. After this, a marker will point out the player letting your teammates know the location of the enemy. With this information you can flank and surprise the enemy, giving you an upper hand.

Learning the Maps

Learning the maps in Gear of War is crucial, by knowing the player’s whereabouts you can quickly relay that information to your teammates, again giving you an upper hand in location. By learning the maps you can find common angles and spots, which allow you to get a better sense of where the enemies are coming from. This will aid you in competitive matches and will give your teammates an advantage.

Aim for the head

This may seem like an obvious choice, but aiming for the head may be neglected as it is a smaller target. If you aim for the head while your opponent is aiming for your body, the gunfight is heavily in your favor. Many players have a bad habit of only aiming for the body, so if you can control your aim well enough to headshot players it will prove to be an advantage to you.


Hopefully, with these tips, you will be able to excel and win more matches. Remember these tips in mind while you’re playing and you’ll see a big difference.

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