July 9, 2020

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3 Things to Know Before Playing Horizon Zero Dawn


Horizon Zero Dawn is a massive game with so much going on that it can overwhelm even a seasoned gamer. Taking on the world of Horizon Zero Dawn is an exceptionally hard task especially considering some of the enemies even in the start of the game can swiftly end your game within a hit or two


At Players Initiative, even we had to deal with some frustrating moments which we later found out could be ignored entirely if we just knew these helpful tips beforehand! To make sure you get the most out of your time playing, we’ve compiled the top 3 things you need to know before starting Horizon Zero Dawn. 


Reload To Regain Health


Unlike normal open world games that let you regain health
slowly or even when you rest or spend a night at some inn, Horizon Zero Dawn doesn’t
have any of it. This is why you’re likely to waste a lot of food just to regain
health but an oversight in the game can really make regaining health a lot


When you’re running low on health, simply fast travel to a
campfire and save. This doesn’t restore your health but if you choose the
option to restart the game from the last save, and you’ll spawn again at the
same location with full health! Needless to say, this is going to be very
useful on your journey. 

The Limited Fast Travel Isn’t Really Limited

One of the major things that annoyed most of us at Players Initiative was the fact that fast travel in Horizon Zero Dawn was limited – or so we thought it was. To use fast travel you have to consume an item which cost money to buy and finding them in the wild isn’t particularly easy. Unknown to us and to you, there is an item in the game that lets you fast travel without any limits. 

By the time you reach you’ve done a few quests, any merchant will have an item located on the bottom of their list that is literally called the “Golden Fast Travel Pack” and as the name implies this single item lets you travel an unlimited number of times wherever you want. The game never mentions it in any way and you wouldn’t even know about it the entire game – like us.


Elemental Damage & Resistance Are Important

Unlike some games that only have elemental damage and armor as just for the show of it, Horizon Zero Dawn can be very unforgiving to anyone that doesn’t learn to take advantage of them from the very start. Most enemies you encounter will have different weaknesses and will deal elemental damage you need to be prepared for. 


By scanning enemies, you can see what kind of elemental they are weak against. There are multiple mods and upgrades that you can choose from to raise your elemental attack and defense. You can even have different mods installed on the same kind of weapons and armors to help you have the right layout to take a fire-breathing bison robot.