July 9, 2020

Players Initiative

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NBA2K has been a series loved by basketball players and gamers alike. For the past decade, players have been going at each other on the virtual courts. With different game modes such as MyCareer, MyTeam, Park, and Quick Play, the NBA2k series has been the ultimate basketball experience for gaming sports fans. While every title comes with new upgraded features, it doesn’t make the most recent game NBA2K20 the best 2K game on the market. Players want a complete, fulfilling, satisfying basketball game. The most recent NBA2k games have been met with backlash from the community, with many players claiming that each new game is the same game from the previous year. With no substantial changes since the release of NBA2k16, players are still yearning for more. This begs the question if the newest title isn’t the greatest 2k game of all time which one is then? Many players have argued between two of the most popular NBA2k games of all time on which is the best, NBA2k11 and NBA2k14.


The Best NBA2k game of the current era with the more modern consoles is NBA2k14. NBA2k14 was the start of a new console era, allowing for improved graphics, animations, and introduced the Park which allowed players to play multiplayer using their MyCareer created characters. NBA2k14 had great arena lighting, gave freedom with endorsements and agent signings. Also, it was the start of a new and improved version of 2K that no one has ever seen before. NBA2k14 also had a great storyline within the MyCareer, with players able to team up with Lebron James himself near the end of the first season.


Furthermore, NBA2K14 had cinematic cutscenes between each MyCareer game, giving a sense of life to the game. Scenes with your agent, to your general manager, and even your rival gave a sense of belonging. It put emotion into a game about basketball. The game made you feel emotional just sitting in that chair with your GM demanding a trade, and made you feel fired up every time you would see Jackson Ellis, your rival. The plot was simple but felt amazing at times. It made you feel like you were in your own sports movie.


All in all, NBA2k14 was the start of a new era, the start of the NBA2k series on the next-generation consoles. It was innovative for its time, and offered a great yet simple storyline. NBA2k21 will be next in line as the next generation of 2k games, will it deliver the same innovative and impeccable style as NBA2k14 did? Only time will tell.


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