July 9, 2020

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The Best Turn-Based RPG Game

Okay, so you probably came on this post expecting to see FFIII as the greatest all time turn-based RPG... Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

For starters, let’s just say I feel that I am entitled to give my opinion in the realm of Turn Based Games. (The great part of the World Wide Web is that I get to say so even if I weren’t “privileged”. 

First, we will start with the runner-ups – in no particular order. Now don’t take these games lightly, if you haven’t already played them yet, you should. You will not be let down.

 Paper Mario & The Thousand Year Door (Nintendo Gamecube)

Honestly, as I’m writing this I’m remembering back when I was deep in the game, how incredibly captivating it was. This game comes packed with all the natural “RPG” flare, in its own “Super Mario” way. Standard leveling up after defeating enough battles will earn you the ability to increase your HP (health), FP (strength), or BP (badges).

Badges, as a matter of fact, are the most exciting part of the game! They are the “equipment” in standard RPG games, and when you equip the right badges on you, you get to dominate the battleground. 

Suffice to say this is a true Turn Based gem, with the ability to sink in hours and hours of awesome gameplay. If you haven’t purchased it yet, here’s the link from Amazon: Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door 

Final Fantasy III

Okay, fiiiine. I give in. Of course FF is awesome… or at least the 3rd installment. Final Fantasy 3 was the end of traditional Turn-Based RPG, in my opinion when they started going downhill. They have so many different “Time Bound” RPG games that it’s honestly confusing.

Granted, the graphics aren’t anywhere near the realm of nowadays stunning visuals, but if you can look past that, you’re in for an epic game. I honestly enjoy the “olden day” graphics as it brings me back to my childhood. Ahhhh, nostalgia. Check out the game here:

Last, and most importantly:

King’s Bounty: The Legend (PC)

King’s Bounty is hands down the best Turn Based RPG game out there. From epic battles with all sorts of fantasy creatures, to treasure galore, you will be swept away into a brand new mythical land for endless hours of gameplay. The leveling up is awesome, as the game progresses you become super powerful (and rich too!). You can equip all sorts of gear and there are tons of quests to accomplish, aside from the main storyline. 

In addition to The Legend, 1C Company actually put out a bunch more installments. They put out Armored Princess, Crossworlds, Warriors of the North, and Dark Side. They also have a lot of DLC, so you’re good to stay busy for a long long time. One of my favorite things about the game, is not even about the game itself. Rather, each and every new addition to the series was the SAME EXACT absolutely incredible turn based RPG game that we love. Seeya, Final Fantasy! I found a company that actually sticks to their lineage. The only thing better than a Kings Bounty game, is 4 of them. 

I haven’t even touched the tip of how awesome this game is, but I implore you, PLEASE do yourself a favor and play it now. Thank You!

Check out kings bounty on instant gaming via the button: