July 9, 2020

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Image of PS5

The Next Generation Consoles, Are They Worth It?

The upcoming consoles by Sony and Microsoft have been highly anticipated for some time now. They are finally due to release this holiday season with upgraded graphics, resolution, loading speeds, and a plethora of games to play on release day. Both the PS5 and Xbox: Series X will set a new standard for console gaming, with upgrades in all areas. While the PS5 and Xbox: Series X do sound very promising and lucrative with their 4K resolutions, and upgraded loading times, are they really worth it?


Many gamers have debated the benefits of having a console over another gaming utility, such as a PC. Each party sides with their preference, with many PC players believing they are better and have more efficient game stations than console players. As of now, the PS5 and Xbox: Series X are looking to be competitively priced at around five to six hundred dollars. 

First we would have to negate the PC Gamers in this category, because at that price point, a mid-tier gaming PC or laptop could be bought, which wouldn’t come close to competing. It would not be able to run games at 4K, or resolutions as high as the next-gen consoles. Although the PC is great for other utilities, a PC at that price point won’t be able to compete graphically against the next generation consoles.


Next, if you’re looking for console exclusives and the next round of new and improved video games, this would be a deal breaker. While services such as the Epic Game Store and Steam have a large inventory of games, version exclusives can’t be played elsewhere. If you’re a die hard fan of any niche Sony or Xbox game, buying a console may just be worth it.


However, buying the next generation of consoles comes with additional costs. Controllers, accessories, games, and TV screens can rack up a hefty sum. Since the new consoles will be able to run at 4k you’re probably going to want to invest in a monitor or TV that will support higher resolutions if you don’t already have one. Although prices are dropping for monitors in general, a monitors with high resolution and higher Hz will still be on the more costly side. If you’re looking to play with the highest settings possible on the new consoles, you’re going to have to invest in a pretty expensive monitor.


Bottom line: the consoles are worth it if you’re into version exclusives or like the feeling of playing with a traditional controller. Unless you’re willing to spend in the upper thousand area for a PC gaming laptop, consoles are also a great way to start gaming as they are not as costly, and can be played with a preexisting television.