July 9, 2020

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World of Warcraft 101

World of Warcraft has stood the test of time, being one of the most legendary MMORPGs on the market. From its release in 2004, to now World of Warcraft has remained one of the most popular and well-known franchises in the world. Many individuals in today’s modern era show interest but are frightened by the game’s complexity and longevity. Here are some beginners’ class tips to help you get started in World of Warcraft.  


Character Creation 


Character creation is a part of every single MMORPG, it’s the part where players are able to customize and choose exactly what they want.  


Before character creation, you must choose a server. Choosing a server that has medium to high population during your peak playing hours is most optimal. Joining a server that is too full or not as populated may hurt your playing experience. Make sure to pick the correct server before starting.  


When choosing a Race, there are many factors to account for. A main factor is playing with your friends. If you want to play with each other you’re going to have to choose a race that belongs to the same faction. You can choose between the alliance and the horde. If you choose a race that has a different faction than your peers you will be unable to play with them.  


Next up is choosing a class, choosing a class can be intimidating as there are many to choose from. The classes available are Warriors, Paladins, Hunters, Rogues, Priests, Shamans, Mages, Warlocks, Monks, Druids, Demon Hunters, and Death Knights. As a beginner player with your first character, choosing a character that appeals to you is more important than min-maxing all of the stats and abilities. You want to have an enjoyable experience playing the game so choose the character that you think is best for you.  


But if you’re looking for explanations for each class here is a brief explanation.  Warrior – A Melee class tanky and can do damage, this is your standard warrior class in most MMOs  


Paladins – Paladins use the power of light which they can use within melee range. These guys are able to damage as a DPS, as well as tank and heal.  


Hunters – Hunters are what you expect them to be, they are a melee or ranged damage dealer that fights alongside animals.  


Rogues – Rogues are An assassin type class that is stealthy, swift, and does a massive amount of damage. 


Priests – Priests can go both ways as a healing class or as a damaging class. They can call upon the shadow to deal damage and heal.  


Shamans – Shamans are able to channel the elements such as fire and lightning in order to strike their enemies. They are flexible, able to become ranged, and melee damagers and healers.  


Mages – Mages are able to use their magic to strike their opponents; they are ranged damagers.  


Warlocks – Warlocks are able to use fire and shadow magic in order to fight the enemy. They can also call upon demons to fight. Warlocks like mages are ranged damagers.  


Monks – Monks can be flexible, able to serve as healers, melee damagers, and tanks. They use the power of the mist in order to help their allies and destroy opponents.  


Druids – Druids can turn into different animal forms. They are very versatile as they can become melee and ranged damage dealers as well as tanks and healers.  


Demon Hunters – Demon Hunters use quick, swift attacks to attack their opponents. They are melee damage and can serve as tanks.  


Death Knights – Death Knights use rune blades to strike down their opponents, they can serve as melee attackers or tanks.  


Hopefully, you’ll have a better understanding of character creation and classes. Whether you choose to become a mage that destroys opponents with magic power or a warrior that slashes through opponents, World of Warcraft is a place for all.